Saturday, June 25, 2016

Scoring Updates

Day 1 (6/25/16)
4pm "Unofficial" Update



Team Name
Old Dirty Basstards13
wet dreams10
Two guys and a boat taking pictures of each other's pickles10
Go Bass Or Go Home8
Breaking Bass8
Breaking Bass8
Breaking Bass8
Rising Tide Anglers7
Record rock bass7
Make America Bait Again5
Bassholes 4
I Like It On Top Water4
Gyros and perogie's4
Trump Uses Powerbait3
Slap n' Pickle2
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Bass2
Old guys rule2
Bass to mouth1
Flys Down, Worm Out0
Just the Tippet0


Angler #1 NameAngler #1 Points
Matt d7
Dave underwood 7
Dana Evans6
Brian forrest5
Jon debono5
Austin Coles5
Austin Coles5
Austin Coles5
Zak robinson4
Max Hogg4
Daunte Hueckstaedt 4
Evan Collins 3
Lorenzo LaBrusciano3
James kontos2
Chris lynch2
Andrew Pierce2
Steve Dobrin2
Chris Bernier1
Bill Sargent1
Zack Griswold1
Finn barden1
Brendan Hare1
Logan Mapes1
Chris Gagne0
janie mckenzie0
Tim Birmingham 0
Kyle Patten0
Adam Kornuth0

Angler #2 NameAngler #2 Points
Marc Guy7
Mark Collins 5
Brian Mcallister4
Shawn ricker4
Jay m3
Jon Lindeberg 3
Steve stanley3
Jonathan Rose3
Jonathan Rose3
Jonathan Rose3
Ben Senning3
Zach Hare3
Tommy Burchard2
Jeff Dybinski 2
Steve Keating 2
Scott Edwards2
Leo Nerbak0
Chloe Salomone0
Kevin Sorin0
Jon Ams0
Asa Sargent0
Dan Romanelli0
Adam Mapes0
Kelsie Mathieu0
ryan whitney0
Charles Carlson0
Jamison Haskins0
Angler #3 NameAngler #3 Points
Brendan barden3
Andy white 0
Taylor marton0
John Gamble 0
mike Hulvey0
Shane Carrier0
Big Pickle

Biggest BassAnglerSize (inches)
SmallmouthDaunte19 inches
LargemouthMax Hogg 15"
SmallmouthScott Edwards15 3/4
SmallmouthDave underwood18.5
SmallmouthShawn ricker18.5
SmallmouthMarc Guy18
LargemouthJonathan Rose17.5
LargemouthJonathan Rose17.5
LargemouthJonathan Rose17.5
SmallmouthSteve stanley16.75
SmallmouthBrian forrest16
SmallmouthBen Senning16
SmallmouthLorenzo LaBrusciano16
Steve Dobrin15
LargemouthMark 14
SmallmouthZach Hare14
SmallmouthChris lynch14
SmallmouthAndrew Pierce14
SmallmouthBill Sargent 13
SmallmouthLogan Mapes12.5
SmallmouthZack Griswold12

Northern Pike

AnglerPike (inches)
Ryan whitney19"
Steve Keating28
Asa Sargent26
Zack Griswold25

Exotic SpeciesAnglerSize (inches)
BowfinChris Gagne30"
Sheepsheadjames kontos35