Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sea Level Fly Fishing Adventures

Fly Photo/Design by Pat Cohen
Working in the fly fishing industry since 2004, I've seen some big swings in product trends and how people "gear-up" for a day on the water.  I've watched sales of fishing vests fall off, scarves replaced with Buffs and fly anglers beginning to look beyond the trout stream and into warmer venues for their long rodding pursuits.  In Vermont, for instance, many die-hard trout fisherman find themselves looking for another game in town when the bigger trout rivers heat to unfishable levels during mid-summer heat spells.  It's always tough to break the news to a customer that the trout streams are too warm and they're gonna have to go bassin' if they want to put a bend in the rod.  But watching a largemouth bass emerge from the lilly pads to smash a popper will spawn a new addiction for even the most dedicated trout anglers! 
It surprisingly took some time to catch on, but now the fly fishing industry is really beginning to capitalize on the incredible opportunities that bass can provide fly anglers across the country.  We're now seeing an abundance of products designed specifically for warm water species and it seems that product designers across the board pretty much agree that a short 7 or 8 weight rod is the ideal stick for bassin'!
When I spread news of the Ditch Pickle Classic to Nate Peller of On the Fly Sales, he went to work securing an excellent prize for the tourney, courtesy of Sea Level Fly Fishing Adventures
Sea Level - SL 7'11" - 8 Weight - 4 Piece
Sea Level Fly Fishing Adventures manufactures their own line of gear and accessories as well as offers destination trips to some incredible places!  Their focus is on saltwater fishing, but the California Delta also has some monster largemouth (see the Bass: The Movie trailer from previous post) that demand just the right fly rod.  The Sea Level, SL 7' 11" 8 Weight is the perfect tool for the job and we've got one for the angler that takes the biggest fish on July 16th, 2011!  This rod has a sweat candy apple green finish and will punch a popper through a 2 x 4!  Find out more about Sea Level and their great line of products at and catch a glimpse of Sea Level Fly Fishing in action in the video below...