Tuesday, September 8, 2020

2020 Scores

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  2020 Team Scores 


  2020 Individual scores


Thursday, September 3, 2020

That's a wrap

Registration at the Missquoi National Refugee
on a wet August Morning 8/29

Where to even start? This year the DPC was like no other than we have ever held before yet, it was the same.  It all started on a rainy Saturday morning where everyone checked in wearing waders and rain gear looking like they were on an episode of wild tuna.  People collected their captains bag full of swag including their tourney shirts and buffs from Predator Fly Gear featuring the art of Chole Salomone who donated her time and talent to produce some awesome rewards for participants entries fees. The bags also included flies from 802 Flies and Green Mtn. Troutfitters as well as other goodies. After a soggy check in, approximately 100 anglers set out to an angry Lake Champlain who was grappling with the remnants of hurricane Laura.   A steady rain and winds creating waves of 2-4 ft kept most boats pinned to sheltered areas at best.  By mid day a few anglers had had enough and called it quits. Others stuck it out only to be greeted by severe T-storms in the early evening. Luckily, everyone played it safe and got off the water when the weather went south.
Sunday was dry but the winds picked up even more and most teams struggled to find a happy place to call home. We all met back at the Missquoi National refuge Headquarters who graciously donated their parking lot for our event check in /check out.

2020 DPC Champ Ralph Kucharek with one of his many bass

After it was all said and done it was angler Ralph Kucharek who took home the DPC Trophy with a total of 15 individual points.  Ralph did his homework and pre fished using different methods to locate the bass.  For his efforts Ralph went home with an Orvis Helios outfit donated by Green Mtn. Troutfitters.  Second Place angler was captured by Mike Kontos with a total of 12 points and Mike won a sweet pack from Lycos designs and an Orvis Hydros 111 SL reel courtesy of the DPC. The 3rd place indy spot went to Brian Zinger with a total of 9 points and Brian will walk away with an Orvis Boat bag.

The top team award went to Master Bass Anglers. Ralph Kurarek and his teammate Nathan Thurbur (Bass Master Anglers) put up 21 point in the most tough conditions you can imagine! They found some sheltered water but kept an eye across the bay where the waves kept building and they would have to cross to return to port.  Watching the waves climb they pulled the plug and as it turns out, they had tallied enough points to take the win. They were rewarded with a pair of Cheeky Boost reels and a pair of Wingo belts. 2nd place team went to long time picklers Ben Wilcox and Michael Woulff of team Bass Badge Plus. Their combined 16pts. won them a pair of Orvis encounter outfits and some nice Wingo belts.  For the 3rd place team it was John Synott & Brian Zinger of team Castaways who put up 15pts. and took home 2 Orvis pro fly lines and a couple Wingo belts.
In the paddle division it was Eric Hurley who scored 8 pts which was enough to earn him 1st place and an Orvis Hydros reel with a Wingo belt to boot. 2nd place angler went to Brian Cadoret who dodged the storms up north in some tribs and won a loaded fly box from Vermont Fly Guys and a Wingo belt.  Former DPC Champ Kemener Whalen took down 3rd place paddler with a total of 6 pts. and earned himself a Scientific Anglers Fly Line and a Wingo belt.

Angler Henry Rackliff catching and releasing an exotic mink.

This year was different for sure but one first we experienced was that nobody entered an exotic fish. Not one bowfin, carp, sheepshead, gar etc. So....... true to 2020 form it was Henry Rackliff of team Bass Maskers who caught the most exotic catch of all.  Henry was surprise to find a mink on the end of his line!  That's not a typo, Henry caught a mink on a clouser minnow. We all know there isn't anything that won't eat a clouser and Henry proved it. For breaking the mold, Henry is getting a Orvis Hydros Line and a Quart of maple syrup from Sterling Ridge Resort 

Jr. Angler Quinn Lynch with his 1st qualifier while his brother Noah looks on.

On the Jr. angler front it was Calvin Kontos who braved the weather and caught a nice 3 pointer on a popper which was enough to get him 1st place. Calvin will be getting a Orvis pro sinking line donated by Green Mtn. Fly Fishing Camps.  An honorable mention should go out to Noah Lynch who broke his collar bone Mtn. biking days before the DPC. Noah fished with his arm in a sling all day and never gave up. His brother Quinn has fished the pickle for years and through persistence put up his 1st qualifying bass in the DPC ! To all of our Jr. anglers (Calvin, Noah, Quinn, Adin, Finn, Mia, Eddie)  keep it up! We love having you all on board.

The 1st place pike award goes to Mario Gagliardi with a 34' pike! Mario won himself a Rock River Rods Lug model 8wt. to keep the pike stoke alive. 2nd place pike was taken by Chris Eaton of team Basstopia with a 33 inch pike that took a close second and got him a beautiful bass print from Nick Mayer Art.  The 3rd place pike went to a familiar face, Matt Dickstein of team "Bad Monkey" will take hone a brand new Rio fly line. 

Size matters in the DPC and this year it was Ryan Fitzgerald who gets bragging rights to the smallest bass award(Dink award). Ryan managed to land an impressive 5 inch bass.  For going small Ryan is getting a signed copy of Pat Cohens new book from RuSuperfly,  and assortment of Ahrex hooks and a box of midges for chasing dinks.

This year the water was low as every and at least 4 teams dinged or destroyed their props. The breakdown award goes to Nate Scott & Mathew Rogerson of team SS Minnow who used some ingenuity and went to ace hardware and bought a hammer and hammered their prop back into working condition to continue fishing into Sunday. For their efforts they will take home 2 bottles of Whistle Pig Whiskey & a bunch of Whistle Pig hand sanitizer.

Every year anglers get creative and play with words to pick a team name that stands out.  This year it was John Gamble & Mario Gagliardi of team "Is it 20201 Yet?" that spoke to the crowd and won the vote for best team name. Mario & John will be getting a couple of Orvis Hydros fly lines.

John D. with his "almost" big pickle

A couple years back we lost a friend and DPC participant Alex McDonald. We had talked about having a good sportsmanship award in his name. Alex was a passionate angler and amazing person all around.  Sometimes anglers go above and beyond and tow each other or lend rods to other anglers who broke theirs etc. This year angler John Dziedzic caught a large bass that would have won the big pickle side pool. At registration John had forgotten extra cash and did not enter. Instead of being upset & complaining John sent a heartfelt email taking about his late father Dan. Dan would always fish the tourney with him and encourage him to enter the big pickle. His email talked about his father looking down now and shaking his head saying "I told you so". So, this year the new Alex McD and Dan D award goes to John Dziedzic for being a good sport and appreciating what the DPC really is, a fun time to spend time with friends and family. John will get a fly line and a quart of maple syrup from Sterling Ridge Resort.

This year Costa Del Mar Sunglasses reached out to sponsor our event and offer two pairs of costas to the winner of a photo contest. The dramatic weather made for some amazing entries. The winner of the contest was Sean Platt who had an a great capture on the water. Congrats to Sean for the win. If you didn't win, don't fret.  For just submitting photos Costa is offering a free hat or shirt of choice to anyone who participated. 

Sean Platt took home some costa glasses for this great pic!

Finally, the big pickle this year was $930.00 in cash and was won by yours truly, Mike Kontos. I was lucky enough to battle a 19 & 3/4 in bass in an epic battle I won't soon forget. As tournament director, I will not keep the cash but instead donate it to the human fund. Just kidding, the money will be split three ways between the DPC, a charity of our choice and next years big pickle pool.

Well, that's a wrap! This year was different to say the least but we can't thank you all enough for participating in a safe fashion. We were not sure whether or not to even hold the tourney this year.  When I was collecting pickle sticks and we were winding down I looked out in the parking lot as anglers were leaning on their gunnels 6 feet across from each other laughing & I was reminded, the DPC isn't about catering or having a barn to party in.  It's about the people that make the DPC what it is and as i looked at the people laughing in the parking lot, for a minute things felt as normal as they have in a long while. See you all in 2021! Thx DPC Crew

Thursday, August 27, 2020

How's the DPC going to work this year?

The short answer is, the same as every year.  You are going to show up at the refuge between 8:30 and 10am on Saturday to sign your tournament waiver and pick up your goodie bag and pickle stick.  After that, you're going to go fish.  You're going to return to the refuge to give back your pickle stick by 12pm on Sunday or you're going to lose points and depending on how late you are, eventually get DQ'd.  If you need a refresher on the rules, click that Tournament Rule's link to your left.

The longer answer is that we're trying to make this thing work despite a pandemic and we're gonna need some help from everyone. On Saturday, we do not want a line of people waiting to sign forms and failing to give the DPC crew and every body else the space they might want. Be considerate of your fellow anglers and the DPC crew, don't make a line. There will be cones indicating places to wait.  If the cones are full, be patient and when a spot in line opens up take it and get signed up.  Just be decent.

**If you want to pay the extra $10 for the big-pickle pool please bring correct change**
We don't want to have to handle cash

On Saturday afternoon we'll post a link here, and to our FB, that will allow you to fill out and see preliminary scores from Saturday's fishing.  You don't have to fill it out, but we think it makes it more fun to see what you're up against Sunday morning.

On Sunday, you will return your pickle sticks to the refuge by 12pm or lose points (to eventual DQ). There will be no BBQ.  We will again post a link allowing you to fill out a Google form and let us know how you did.

1. You will have 24 hours to fill out the form.  If we don't get your form within 24 hours you will be DQ'd

2. If it looks like you might be in prize contention you will get an email from the DPC crew with a link to a Dropbox folder where you can upload your photos for scoring.  You will have 24 hours to upload your photos or you will be DQ'd

***This is a fishing tournament scored with photos - It is entirely up to you to get your photos off of your device and into a format that can be uploaded for scoring - If we can't score your photos, you can't win the Pickle - Simple as that***

DPC Hours 2020:
8/29 Check in: 8:30-10am at refuge 
8/29 Lines in 11am - Lines out 8pm
8/30 Lines in 5am - Lines out 11:30am
8/30 Check out by 12pm at refuge

Monday, July 20, 2020

2020 DPC

Welcome to the 2020 DPC.  After much deliberation we have decided to move ahead with this years DPC event held on August 29th-30th.  We held off as long as we could to try and see if we could have our annual awards ceremony where anglers share stories and laughs about the weekend.  Although the state guidelines would allow such a gathering, given the current climate and in the interest of public safety, there will be no in person awards held this year. Instead, anglers will submit their photos online.  The awards have always been the heart and soul of this social event and it hurts to bypass this gathering of anglers.  With that said, we figure something is better than nothing and we will attempt a more distant format for the safety of our participants.  Registration is now open and you can register your team by filling out the form below or by clicking link on top left of page. We will be limiting the amount of anglers this year so register your team ASAP.  If you want to be guaranteed a DPC tourney shirt in your size, the deadline to register is July 31st! 

The DPC will be different this year but let's all hit the lake, catch some fish with friends and raise some money for some conservation groups that benefit the big pond!

***As always, we welcome our out of state friends to join but, it is your responsibility to check with the VT Dept. of Health website to be familiar with travel restrictions.***

                                                              2020 TEAMS

                              #1.  BIG PAPPA DILL & MY LIL GERKIN
                                                                       JOHN DZIEDZIC         
                                                                       MAYA DZIEDZIC

                                              #2.   BASSTA FAGIOLI
                                                                 LORENZO LABRUSCIANO
                                                                 MICHAEL MEMBRINO

                                               #3.   SHAW'S LAW
                                                                    JARED SHAW
                                                                    TIM SHAW

                                               #4.   LAY DOWN SALLY
                                                                    ERIK HURLEY
                                                                    JOHN HURLEY   

                                               #5.  FISHIN' IMPOSSIBLE
                                                                    RYAN FITZGERALD
                                                                    CHALAUN BLANCHARD

                                                #6.  BAD MONKEY
                                                                    JAY MODREY
                                                                    MATT DICKSTEIN

                                                 #7.  KIND OF A BIG DILLY DILLY
                                                        DILLON BROOKER
                                                                      DAN RUSSELL

                                                 #8.  GO BASS OR GO HOME
                                                                       STEVE STANLEY
                                                                       JOHNATHAN DEBONO

                                                 #9.  BASS-ENDEMIC
                                                                        JAMES KONTOS
                                                                        CALVIN KONTOS
                                                                        MIKE KONTOS

                                                  #10.  BASKING IN THE SUN
                                                                        BRIAN LANG
                                                                         SHEREVE SOULE

                                                   #11. ONE FINE PIECE OF BASS
                                                                        BRANDON WEAVER
                                                                        JOHN BOND

                                                    #12.  BASSMASKERS
                                                                        MATT CRAWFORD
                                                                        HENRY RACKLIFF

                                                     #13.  FISH & CHIPS
                                                                        CHRIS LYNCH
                                                                        NOAH LYNCH
                                                                        QUINN LYNCH

                                                      #14.  DIRK PICKLER
                                                                        KEVIN WELCH
                                                                        TONY LEWIS

                                                       #15.  THE PICKLED PANDEMICS
                                                                        DAVID ARONSON
                                                                        ANDREW COSTAGLIOLA

                                                        #16.  WE'RE KIND OF A BIG DILL
                                                                        CHRISTOPHER BOUTIN
                                                                        BETH MARCHESSAULT

                                                        #17.  MOUNTAIN HIGH FLY
                                                                        CJ FREEMAN
                                                                        JON ZUKOWSKI

                                                        #18.  THIS TOO SHALL BASS
                                                                        MIKE CADY
                                                                        TODD POWELL
                                                                        MARK AIKEN

                                                         #19.  RHYTHM IS THE BASS & BASS IS THE RHYTHM
                                                                        CHRIS BERNIER
                                                                         MICHAEL HILL

                                                          #20.  SS MINNOW
                                                                          NATHAN SCOTT
                                                                          MATTHEW ROGERSON

                                                          #21.  EZ HOOKERS
                                                                          TIM BIRMINGHAN
                                                                           SCOTT EDARDS

                                                          #22.  TEAM A2J
                                                                           JAY SEALS
                                                                           ALICE SEALS
                                                                           ANDREW FRASER

                                                           #23.  FISH TANK
                                                                           ADIN GIRARD
                                                                            DAVID GIRARD

                                                           #24.   SLAB SLAYERS
                                                                             NICK MAYER
                                                                             BRIAN CADORET

                                                            #25.  PAD CRASHERS
                                                                               AUSTIN HARRIS
                                                                                DAVE WASHBURN

                                                            #26.  THE BAKED POATOES
                                                                                EDDIE STAPLES
                                                                                BRUCE STAPLES

                                                            #27.  HOOKED & TAGGED
                                                                                KRIS DANAHER
                                                                                ALESIA PALMER

                                                             #28.   CAPTAIN CRUSTY'S CORONA CRUISE
                                                                                 ZACH RABIDEAU
                                                                                 BARRY PARKER    

                                                             #29.  BASS SO BIG YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE FRONT
                                                                                   REED ATKINSON
                                                                                   PATRICK SHARROW  

                                                            #30.  THE SHOW MUST GO ON
                                                                                    SEAN PLATT
                                                                                    RACHEL FINN      

                                                            #31.  BASS MANDATE
                                                                                    KYLE TRAVIS

                                                            #32.  ADK GUY
                                                                                    NATE DICKINSON

                                                            #33.  DINKS
                                                                                    ANDREW BAHRENBURG
                                                                                     DAVID BAHRENBURG

                                                             #34.  3 FAT BASSTARDS
                                                                                     PETER SISKAVICH
                                                                                     CHAD BLAIR
                                                                                     JASON BEEBIE    

                                                            #35.  CASTAWAYS
                                                                                    JOHN SYNOTT
                                                                                     BRIAN ZINGER

                                                            #36.  BASH BADGE PLUS
                                                                                    BEN WILCOX
                                                                                     MICHAEL WOULF

                                                            #37.  80 GRIT THUMB
                                                                                    BRENDAN BARDEN
                                                                                    FIN BARDEN

                                                            #38.   MASKS UP- CLOUSERS DOWN
                                                                                    BRENDAN HARE
                                                                                    TOM GETZ

                                                            #39.  FIXIN TO GET PICKLED
                                                                                    JEFF GUILMETTE
                                                                                    PETER BAHRENBURG

                                                            #40.  OLD DIRTY BASSTARDS
                                                                                    KEMENER WHALEN
                                                                                    DANA EVANS

                                                            #41.  MASTER BASS ANGLERS
                                                                                    NATHAN THURBER
                                                                                    RALPH KUCHAREK

                                                            #42.  FEVER DREAM
                                                                                    SEAN RICKER

                                                            #43.   BASSTOPIA
                                                                                    BRIAN FOREST
                                                                                    CHRIS EATON
                                                                                    TYLER MAYNARD 
                                                            #44.  BABY GOT BASS
                                                                                    LUC LEBLANC
                                                                                    JOEL MAY
                                                                                    CONNER LEBLANC

                                                            #45.  SKUNKED AGAIN
                                                                                     ANTHONY HAMILTON
                                                                                     GREG ZIEK

                                                            #46.  HIGHLIFE
                                                                                     RANDELL TUCKER
                                                                                     MATTHEW RACKLIFF

                                                            #47.  THE CANADIAN NAVY
                                                                                     JEFF HENEY
                                                                                     TOM CARTON

                                                           #48.  DUMB & DUMBER
                                                                    BILL PETTERUTI
                                                                                     CHRIS WEBSTER

                                                           #49.  IS IT 2021 YET?
                                                                    JOHN GAMBLE
                                                                                     MARIO GAGLIARDI

                                                            #50. PIKEY PRICE'S
                                                                     BRIAN PRICE
                                                                                     PIPER PRICE

                                                           #51. POPPIN OFF
                                                                                     ANDREW MASENAS
                                                                                     JOE WHITE

                                                           #52. TWO MIDDLE AGED HOOKERS
                                                                                     DAVE UNDERWOOD
                                                                                     JON LINEDEGURGH

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Big Show is Almost Here!

Check in...
On Saturday the 22nd, we will have our check-in at the Headquarters for the Missisquoi Wildlife Refuge on Tabor Road. Click HERE for directions and info about the site.
Checking in at the refuge headquarters (2015)
We will be open for check-in as of 8:30am on the 22nd
Check-in hours = 8:30 - 10am
Lines in @ 11am!!

We encourage all competitors to arrive early for check-in!

The headquarters has plenty of parking for boats/trailers, and it is very close to our designated launch at the Larry Greene Access.

The Larry Greene Access is located on Rte. 78 and directions can be found HERE.

Every angler must check-in and sign a waiver prior to launching!

Awards BBQ...
We will hold the post-tournament BBQ on Sunday 6/23 at the Lakewood Farm on Lakewood Road. Lakewood Rd. is directly across the street from the Larry Greene Access (see the map below.)  The official tournament "Weigh-in/Awards Ceremony" will take place during the BBQ, so all entrants and spectators are strongly encouraged to attend regardless of how you did in the tournament!  There is no charge to attend the BBQ and we'll do our best to make sure you don't leave hungry! 


The Goods... 

This year the DPC is excited to once again team up with Predator Fly Gear to supply our custom 2019 DPC shirts to our competitors!

PFG is a Vermont based company featuring the amazing artwork of Nick Mayer on Slick looking high performance fishing shirts.

We're also supplying each team with a captain's bag, filled with an assortment of products from the many other generous sponsors of the Ditch Pickle Classic! 


The DPC Experience...

The Pickle has become a highlight of the season for many.  We expanded the event to a 2-day format to make room for more quality fishing and more time hangin' with buddies, soaking in the Lake Champlain vibes.  Take the DPC too seriously and you might miss the point, which is to have fun.  Don't come the the DPC for the win...come for the experience.

Here's a list of folks that are down for the 2019 experience... 


2019 Team Listings...Check Back Frequently!...

#1. Basking in the Sun
Steve Soule
Brian Lang

#2. Kind of a Big Dilly Dilly
Dillon Brooker
Dan Russel

#3. Bass to Mouth
Dan Romanelli
Zack Griswold

#4. Meat Chuckers
Greg Brown
Sean Martin

#5. Fish Tank
David Girard
Adin Girard

#6. Casting Covey's
Marc Covey
Caleb Covey

#7. Big Poppa Dill & My Lil Gherkin
John Dziedic
Maya Dziedic

#8. The Boat Potatoes
Bruce Staples
Eddie Staples

#9. Keepin' It Reel
Blake Elliot
Josh Robinson

#10. Bad Monkey
Jay Modry
Matt Dickstein

#11. Castaways
Brian Zinger
John Synnott

#12. 802 Bass
Chris Lynch
Noah Lynch
Quinn Lynch

#13. Your Flies Down
John Derr
Joseph Derr
Jim Peluso

#14. Fishin' Impossible
Ryan Fitzgerald
Chalaun Blanchard

#15. Two Old Asses Catching Basses
Michael Peluso
David Carpenter

#16. Champlain Valley Strippers and Hookers
Reed Atkinson
Patrick Sharrow 

#17. Free Piercings
Michael Hill
Chris Bernier

#18. Team AJ

Jay Seals
Andrew Fraser

#19. Dirk Pickler

Tony Lewis
Kevin Walsh

#20. Oh My God Becky, Look At That Bass

Jon Lindeburg
Dave Underwood

#21. Sotally Tober

Jackson Morse
Eric Traverse

#22. (DTF) Down To Fish & Open to Bass Play

John Bond
Brandon Weaver

#23. Gyros & Perogies

James Kontos
Jeff Dybinski

#24. High on Bass Salts

Beth Grady
Ryan Beaulieu

#25. Bass Treachery

John Cooper
Jeff Faulkner

#26. Bassachusetts

Jay Alward
TJ Waidlich

#27. Green Mtn. Bassfitters

Mike Kontos
Calvin Kontos

#28. Swamp Bass

Matt Cain
Kemener Whalen

#29. ADK Brothers

Evan Dickinson
Nathan Dickinson

#30. Shaw's Law

Jared Shaw
Tim Shaw
Tory Barbagallo

#31. Go Bass or Go Home

Steve Stanley
Johnathan Debano

#32. SunBurnt Hookers

Jeff Heney
Tom Carton

#33. White Mtn. Boys

CJ Freeman
Jonathan Zukowski

#34. EZ Hookers

Tim Birmingham
Scott Edwards

#35. Too Many Bass? We Can Pickle That!

Sean Dickey

#36. The Eh Team

Jeremy Levit
Jermey Harmon

#38. Bass't Budz

Kevin Ramirez
John Abair

#39. Bassta Fagioli

Lorenzo LaBrusciano
Michael Membrino

#40. Forged Fly

Matt Hart
Bill Sylvester

#41. Dad Take me Fishing

Chad Johnson
Chris Samson 

#42. Record Rock Bass

Brenden Barden
Finn Barden
Shawn Ricker

#43. Basscar

Tom Getz
Bob Muncil

#44. S.S. Minnow

Nate Scott
Matt Rogerson

#45. Dahlberg Delinquents

David Stanilonis
Tim Davis

#46.  Cheerful Charlie
Matt Rackliff
Henry Rackcliff

#47. Bass Badge Plus

Ben Wilcox
Michael Woulf

#48. Lay Down Sally

Erik Hurley
John Hurley

#49.  Youth and Beauty

Max Hogg
Zach Rabideau

#50. Hold My Root Beer

Jacob Tripp
Henry Dowhan

#51. Bass Street Boys

Sean Sorrell
Evan Potter

#52. Paradise
Corey Barrows
Jow White

#53.  Shameless Bass Eaters

Nick Chiarelli
Brendan Lanoue

#54. Show Me Your Bass

Kris Danaher
Cody Janssen

#55. Old Dirty Basstards

Brendan Hare
Dana Evans

#56. Pike Bum

Brian Cadoret

2019 Prize Categories...
Adin Girard took home Top Jr. Angler in 2018!

- 1st Place Team
- 2nd Place Team
- 3rd Place Team

- 1st Place Individual
- 2nd Place Individual
- 3rd Place Individual

- 1st Place Paddler
- 2nd Place Paddler
- 3rd Place Paddler

- 1st Place Junior Angler (under 18)

- Jr. Rock Bass Award

- Largest Northern Pike

- Best Exotic Fish (Bowfin, Gar, Carp)

- Dink Award (Smallest Bass)

- Breakdown Award (it happens every year!)

*Big Pickle (Largest Bass / Largemouth or  Smallmouth)
* Seperate $ Pool