2023 Ditch Pickle Classic


We're very excited to announce the 2023 Ditch Pickle Classic "Catch-Photo-Release" Fly Fishing Tournament on Lake Champlain!

The 2023 DPC based out of Swanton, Vermont will be held on June 24th-25th on beautiful Lake Champlain.  The DPC is open to anglers of all ages and skill levels.

2021 DPC Champs - Bash Badge Plus

You don't need a big fancy bass boat to fish the DPC either! Kayaks, canoes and motor boats are all permitted. The DPC is a team event and we make every effort to pair people up with team mates and fill empty seats in boats. 
Each team will have 1-3 anglers and, if you want to be a 1-man team, you will be responsible for the team entry fee of $100. If you are your own 1-man team, you must still have a co-rider to assist with photographic documentation of your catch! We're allowing more than 1 team to fish from a boat as long as it's within reason.
Spectators may ride along or pilot a boat for a team.

Don't be scared off if you don't have a boat! If you have a strong desire to fish in the DPC but have any apprehension what-so-ever, please send us an email to DitchPickleClassic@gmail.com and we'll do whatever we can to make it happen for you! The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can get you set up!

Calvin Kontos - Top Junior Angler of 2021

2023 Prize Categories...

- 1st Place Team-
- 2nd Place Team-
- 3rd Place Team-

- 1st Place Individual-
- 2nd Place Individual-
- 3rd Place Individual-

- 1st Place Paddler-
- 2nd Place Paddler-
- 3rd Place Paddler-

- 1st Place Junior Angler (under 18)-

- Jr. Rock Bass Award-

- Largest Northern Pike-

- Best Exotic Fish (Bowfin, Gar, Carp)-

- Dink Award (Smallest Bass)-

- Breakdown Award (it happens every year!)-

*Big Pickle (Largest Bass / Largemouth or  Smallmouth)
* Seperate $ Pool

Tournament Weekend... 

Check in...
On Saturday the 24th, we will have our check-in at the Headquarters for the Missisquoi Wildlife Refuge on Tabor Road. Click HERE for directions and info about the site.
Checking in at the refuge headquarters (2015)

We will be open for check-in as of 8:30am on the 24th
Check-in hours = 8:30 - 10am
Lines in @ 10am!!

We encourage all competitors to arrive early for check-in!

The headquarters has plenty of parking for boats/trailers, and it is very close to our designated launch at the Larry Greene Access.

The Larry Greene Access is located on Rte. 78 and directions can be found HERE.

Every angler must check-in and sign a waiver prior to launching!

Awards Venue on Lakewood Road

Awards Ceremony / Pizza Party...

We will hold the post-tournament pizza party/awards ceremony on Sunday 6/25 at the Lakewood Farm on Lakewood Road. 
Lakewood Rd. is directly across the street from the Larry Greene Access (see the map below.)  
The official tournament "Weigh-in/Awards Ceremony" will take place during the pizza party, so all entrants and spectators are strongly encouraged to attend regardless of how you did in the tournament!  There is no charge to attend and we'll do our best to make sure you don't leave hungry! BYOB!


The Goods... 

This year the DPC is excited to once again team up with Predator Fly Gear to supply our custom 2022 DPC shirts to our competitors!

PFG is a Vermont based company featuring the amazing artwork of Nick Mayer on Slick looking high performance fishing shirts.

We're also supplying each team with a captain's bag, filled with an assortment of products from the many other generous sponsors of the Ditch Pickle Classic! 


The DPC Experience...

The Pickle has become a highlight of the season for many.  Several years ago, we expanded the event to a 2-day format to make room for more quality fishing and more time hangin' with buddies, soaking in the Lake Champlain vibes.  Take the DPC too seriously and you might miss the point, which is to have fun.  Don't come the the DPC for the win...come for the experience.


Here's a list of folks that are down for the 2023 DPC experience... 

#1. "BassKing in the Sun"
Brian Lang
Shreve Soule

#2. "Captain & Chenille"
Kyle Forest
Bennett Chadbourne

#3. "Neil DaBass Tyson"
Kevin Ramirez
John Abair

#4. "You're Killing Me Smallies"
Dillon Brooker
Dan Russell

#5. "Puff Puff Bass"
Evan Potter
Sean Sorrell

#6. "Granite Slabs"
Kyle Matzke
Jermey Restucci

#7. "Hazy FLY-PAs"
Michael Hill
Rick Zacher

#8. "Slappin Da Bass"
Mike Fernandez
Nick Citro

#9. "Hydrilla Gorillas"
Dillon Gross
Kyle Travis

#10. "Kiss Micropterus"
Matt Dickstein"
Jay Modry

#11. "Dock Trolls"
Chalaun Blanchard
Ryan Fitzgerald

#12. "Gyros & Poutine"
Mike Kontos
Calvin Kontos 
Zach Rabidue

#13. "Bass-King in the Sunfish"
Greg Ziek
Chris Boutin

#14. "Bash Badge X"
Ben Wilcox
Matt Stedina

#15. "Lat Down Sally"
Erik Hurley
John Hurley

#16. "Tenkara Count?"
Nate Scott
Mathew Rogerson

#17. "SS Ickle Me Pickle"
Tim Hayes
Brian Zinger

#18. "Smashing Pumpkin-seeds"
Jake Borgeson
Iris Borgeson

#19. "Kiss My Bass"
Brian Cadoret
William Sylvester

#20. "Keep Fishing Simple"
Luis Ayala
Rosa Ortiz

#21. "Dirk Pickler"
Tony Lewis
Kevin Welch

#22. "Boat Scootin Boogie"
Adam Lloyd
Casey Scolaro

#23. "Gar-Lic Knot"
Kris Danaher
Elisa Kozmits

#24. "Bass Clappers"
Tom Carton
Jeff Heney

#25. "Go Bass or go Home"
Steve Stanley
Johnathan Debono

#26. "Basscar"
Brendan Hare
Tom Getz

#27. "Pine Bay Farm"
Elton Bonneville
Scott Megan
Todd Megan

#28. "Hippo Hammers"
Patrick Sharrow
Reed Atkinson

#29. "Mountain High Fly"
C.J. Freeman 
Devon Gulick
Bly Gray

#30. "Shaw's Law"
Jared Shaw
Tim Shaw

#31. "B-Less Bass"
Max Hogg
Leo Nerbak

#32. "80 Grit Thumb"
Finn Barden
Brendan Barden

#33. "Prickly Picklers"
Andrew Fraser
Jay Seals

#34. "Two Guys Who Only Fish the Pickle When the Weather is $&!#"
Matt Crawford
Henry Rackliff

#35. "Paradise"
Corey Barrows
Joe White

#36. "Dad Take Me Fishing"
Chris Sampson
Chad Johnson
Chris Sampson Sr.

#37. "The Basstards"
Sean Cook

#38. "Old Dirty BASStards"
Dana Evans
Noah Novotny

#39. "Like Father Like Daughter"
Brian Price
Piper Price

#40. "Fish & Chip"
Chris Lynch
Quinn Lynch