Scoring Methods

Prior to launch, each team will be given an official tournament ruler (Pickle Stik), DPC tape measure and scorecard to be kept on board their vessel for the duration of the tournament. To qualify for points a bass, largemouth (Micropterus salmoides) or smallmouth (Micropterus dolomieu) must be 12" or larger.  Angler must record details of catch, including Species, Length, Point Value & Time on official tournament scorecard.  2 digital photos must be taken of each qualifying fish.  Note: There may be prizes for fish species that do not qualify for tournament points so you should document those as well!
  • Photo #1 - Lay fish out along tournament ruler so that entire length of fish is clearly visible
  • Photo #2 - Have your team mate take a "Grip'n'Grin" photo of you holding your fish.  Make sure the entire fish is showing as well as the angler from the waist up.  These photos will be used for promotional material as well, so make every effort to take a good photo!
Digital Cameras – You can’t document your catch without one.  In order to accrue points each team/individual angler must have a digital camera to document their catches.  The Ditch Pickle Classic is not responsible for lost or damaged cameras.  Cameras don’t like water, take precautions.
Point System - Scoring will be based on the following...
12"  - 14" = 1 Point
14.1" - 16" = 2 Points
16.1" - 18" = 3 Points
>18" = 5 Points

Scoring Exotics and Larger Fish - Every team is supplied with an Official DPC Green Measuring Tape for measuring fish that do not fit on the Pickle Stik.

How to properly score a fish on the Pickle Stik
How NOT to score a fish! Nose must be up against board.