Tournament FAQ

How can my company or organization become a supporting sponsor of the Ditch Pickle Classic?
If your company or organization would like to sponsor the Ditch Pickle Classic, please send an email to us HERE

Who can enter the Ditch Pickle Classic?
The Ditch Pickle Classic is open to all ages, genders and skill levels! 

Is this a team event?
Yes.  There will be both individual and team prizes, but you must have a team of 2 to qualify for entry or you will be only eligible for individual prizes

Can I fish the Ditch Pickle Classic without another team member?
Yes.  You may enter as a 1-person team.  However, you will not be elligible for team prizes and you must have someone ride with you to help with photo-scoring

Do teams have to fish from boats?
Yes.  Each team must have a legitimate (legal) motor or man-powered vessel to fish from.  Canoes and Kayaks are permitted.  Please see our "Tournament Rules" page for more details on watercraft

I'd like to register for the event but I don't have a boat.  Can I get paired with someone that has a boat?
Yes.  As a non-boater you may still register for the event and we will make every effort to pair you up with someone.  If we cannot find you a partner, your entrance fee will be refunded in full

How are fish "weighed-in" at the end of the day?
The Ditch Pickle Classic is formatted as a "Catch-Photo-Release" tournament.  Each fish caught will be digitally documented against an official tournament ruler ("Pickle Stik") and assigned a point-value before being safely returned to the water.  Please see our "Scoring Methods" page for details

What do I get if I win?
Please CLICK HERE and scroll down the page for a listing of prize categories

Do I need a digital camera to register for the event?
Yes.  Each contestant must have a working digital camera or camera-phone in order to register

Can I attend this event as a spectator?
Absolutely!  We encourage family and friends to attend our post-tournament BBQ and awards ceremony

What are the entry fees for the Ditch Pickle Classic?
The entry fee per angler is $50; Youth under 18 $25; 2 person team $100.  There is also a separate "Big Pickle" option(see below)

What happens with the proceeds from the event?
The Ditch Pickle Classic puts all proceeds right back into the event and/or to local charities/initiatives. 

What is the "Big Pickle" option?
This is a separate pool that individuals may enter for an additional $10 on the day of the tournament.  This option offers a 100% payout to the individual angler that catches the largest bass of the day. 

How do I register for the Ditch Pickle Classic?
Register HERE

Can I register on the day of the event?
We strongly discourage last-minute entries and you will be charged a $10 late entry fee

What is the location of the Ditch Pickle Classic?
The Ditch Pickle Classic is based out of Mississquoi Bay on Lake Champlain in Swanton, VT, but anglers may fish anywhere on the lake.

Can I volunteer at the event?
We could always use an extra set of hands!  If you'd like to help out, get in touch HERE

**Please direct any questions here or call 802-730-4298**