Monday, June 20, 2011

This Aint Bathroom Fodder.....

Some of you may already have gingerly flipped through one of these in delight, and some may have never seen this publication other than online. The first time I saw my first issue was in a random shop in N.Y. falling in love with the first turn of page one. The smell of the pages is not like your regular flimsy-empty bathroom reading material, this Journal emanates quality.This is the best Fly Fishing publication one can get their hands on. The articles and photography are far beyond average and deserves a resting spot on the coffee table. Ben Romans, editor of FlyFish Journal, and the FFJ team has graciously given us a stack of the newest edition of the FlyFish Journal-Volume II Issue Four!! The first 40 people to sign up to fish the DPC gets one of these beautiful journals! Give big thanks to Ben and the FFJ crew and check out their site and start a subscription..Who knows, maybe you will be in one of the next issues for the DPC?