Monday, July 11, 2011

A little on the "Wilde" side!!!

Idylwilde that is....The journey began when I contacted Bass Bug Extraordinaire Kevin Price, coaxing him  for a few of his badass ties for prizes. Kevin is a guide and signature tyer for Idylwilde Flies and lives in Northern Cali. He is known for his "Price's Pacifier" , "Snake Charmers", Mississippi Mudflap", "Warmwater Whammy", and "El Raton".

 When not performing these acts on stage, Kevin also ties flies as well. Kevin is a super dude and was all over helping out the DPC. Not only did he hook us up some of his own ties and banner swag from Idylwilde before taking off to guide in AK, Kevin also contacted the front man, Zach Mertens, of Idylwilde Flies for the DPC. Zach is proprietor of Idylwilde, which is Fair Trade Only company based out of Portland, Oregon. The rest is History...

Zach and the crew at Idylwilde enthusiastically supported the DPC from the get go and loves the direction we have taken the tournament scene for the fly fishing enthusiast. We batted around some ideas and wanted to do something different and fun for all.  After countless nights of evil masterminding, here is what evolved for this years DPC....................

Idylwilde's "Capture Your Awesomeness" Contest

The challenge is easy: Best photo wins. Done and Done......
  • The photo must contain a Kevin Price Idylwilde fly
  • Only 1 photo can be submitted per person
  • The top 10 will be chosen by the DPC administrators
  • Those  top 10 will go to Idylwilde Flies which will get posted on their Web page, Facebook, and/or Blog for final voting by the world.
  • The winner will be mailed a box of Kevin Price's originals and what ever else is decided, of which you won't be dissapointed.

How to Participate: Purchase one of Idylwilde's Kevin Price signature ties....Just Kiddin... Idylwilde has sent us a boat load of Kevin Price's signature flies, enough to provide EVERY individual participating in this years DPC. Cool right?! If your "that" fishing pal that always get stuck behind your buddies camera, this is your chance to cash in and reap the rewards for those stellar shots and be a little less salty about missing out on fishing time. So everyone start channelling your inner Ansel Adams, its on!

A lot of you may also be wondering how are we going to control the measuring of fish for this tournament?  Well, y'all with those graduated fish tapes that go from 0"-24" in only 6" might as well leave them at home, 'cause this ain't our first rodeo.  Idylwilde has graciously provided EVERY  individual with a 26" Idylwilde boat sticker that is the official DPC measuring reference to measure your catches. All applicable catches  MUST be photographed using this tape or else the fish is D.Q.'d. This isn't your everyday Wally-World  variety boat sticker, you will be more than happy blazing this banner on your boat and have all your friends in envy at your awesomeness. Just see for yourself.

We all want to thank Kevin, Zach, and the Idylwilde crew for their extremely generous support for the DPC. Its a true honor to have a company like Idylwilde to be such a great contributor.  From all of the DPC crew and contestants, Thank You!