Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Solitude Reels put the brakes on...

Its that time and from here on out expect seeing some of the fantastic sponsorships that we are so lucky to have behind us!! Kicking off DPC 2012 is Solitude Reels. Solitude Reels has graciously given us one of their top of line show stopper reels, the Solitude 5. The reel is steezy, Matte gold, and silent drag so you can land your fish without alerting the world. Of course its a fully sealed drag and saltwater safe, they don't mess around over in Washington. Solitude has developed their reels to stop the screamers, and the drag system they have hidden behind that frame; you'll have to see it for yourself. This is going to look good on your rod and a bass on the receiving end. Made right here in the U.S.A.!!  Give thanks to Solitude Reels for supporting DPC 2012!