Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One for the bug twisters...

Mountain Creek Anglers, Mark Hanni, has carved up some sweetness for this years DPC! Mark is a innovator, creating some of the most unique and tyer friendly accessories on the market. Made right here in the USA, Mark carves out everything from tying tables, fly fishing storage, coat racks, rod and reel storage, and lanyards. His artistic ability is just not in wood as Mark designs his own T-shirts and stickers as well. This is one man that has a passion for the the sport of flyfishing and takes it to another level.

A little about Mark: 

January of 2008, I started tying my own flies, because I was tired of hanging $2 prince nymphs in the trees along the small creeks I fish.
My friend and fellow Rotarian, Dr. Willis Potter (who passed away in 2011 at the age of 84) had been tying his own flies for 70 years, so I went to him to find out what I needed to get started.  He gave me advice on the basic tools I would need and where to purchase them.  He had a little work bench in a basement corner, where he tied.  Man, it was a mess – he had material piled two feet high!  I remember making the comment that I didn’t think I would ever have that much material… 
Next, I needed a tying station.  I searched the internet for what I wanted - something I could use, while I watched ball games in my basement.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find what I had visualized myself using.  But I did find MANY table-top models.  And, I found a few desk and chest models that were incredibly beautiful, but well over my price range – plus, they weren’t portable. 
I have completely remodeled our home that was built in 1920, so I thought, “Why don’t I just build what I want?”
So I did…
When I finished my first table, I took it to my basement and set it up with all my material and tools.  It was great!  I could tie at my own speed and stop and watch the game when I wanted – all from the comfort of my recliner.
As I was tying, my wife said, “You ought to sell those on the internet.”
I told her she was crazy – there was no way I could make the tables the same way every time, and shipping would be a nightmare!  So, I thought 
I followed her advice and started a little research and design work.  A few weeks later, I had the first table completed, and my shop was set up to produce more.  And, I even found a company to supply me with boxes for shipping.
I put the first table up for auction on ebay – I had no idea how much to charge for the table, as I wanted to keep it affordable so anyone could buy it.  Well, that table sold, and three more sold the next week…
Since that time, the product list has grown quite a bit.  I am always trying to think of new options to add to the tables, as well as, other furniture that tiers and fishermen and women might want. 
Mark has generously donated his Super Smallmouth Fly-Tying Caddy! This piece is a functional work of art that will make a great addition to any tying desk, especially if it looks like mine! Give Mark a huge thanks and check out all of his goodies he's making, you  will be sure to find some "must haves" on his site! 
Thanks Mark!