Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jackson Kayaks Bringing Some Swag to the Pickle

You might have noticed team Jackson Kayak on our list of registrants.  Local angler, and perennial pickle contestant,  Brian Cadoret has been banging around in one of these boats a lot this season and decided to bring another Jackson team member along for the ride this year.  Being the nice guys that they are they've decided to bring along some swag for lucky Pickle goers as well.

Yeah there is only mono-filament attached to that rod in the photo but you get the idea.  These are stable boats that allow a fly angler to get into tight spots on a platform that doesn't force you to remain seated holding your arm awkwardly above your head throughout the cast to keep line off the water.  Jackson makes models for both one and two anglers in case you've got a partner that likes to join you on the water.

Jackson kayaks are built out of a factory in Sparta, Tennessee providing a great American made option in the kayak market.  If your looking for a boat to get you into that skinny stuff where the big pickles hide under the grass mats this just might be the ticket.  We're glad to have Jackson aboard this year!