Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Someone's going home with a new boat!

There were quite a few of us that were jealous of the boats Damon Bungard and Brian Cadoret were paddling around during the 2012 DPC.  In case you forgot they were the guys stealthily paddling around pulling big bass out of the shallows in kayaks you can stand up in.

Well, we got a game changing delivery from the folks at Jackson Kayak today. The 2013 DPC champion is going to drive off with a brand new Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 on their roof! This is an amazing boat thoughtfully designed to make fishing from the kayak easy. The Cuda will make accessing the skinny water that Missisquoi bay largemouth love a piece of cake. We can't thank Jackson enough for the support they are showing the DPC. We also can't promise the boat won't get a little testing before we hand it over to the winner...

Stop into the Green Mountain Troutfitters in Jeffersonville if you want to check out the Cuda 12.  While you're at it sign your team up for the 2013 Ditch Pickle Classic.  You can't win the boat if you aren't out there fishing with us!