Monday, June 24, 2013

Tournament Update #2

Saturday is coming fast and we are working hard to make sure this thing runs smoothly.  Here are two things you can do to that will really help us out and make sure that you are ready to fish the DPC.

  • You have to take photos of your fish for them to count, and we have to be able to find those photos on your memory card.  Clean your memory card of the photos from Christmas four years ago, last Friday's dinner, and, most importantly, other fish that might get confused with DPC fish.  While you are at it make sure your camera is properly time and date stamping your photos.
  • Review the rules section of the webpage using the link below.  We've updated a couple things, most importantly the penalties for being late to check-in on Sunday the 30th.  We're going to have a ton of fish pics to look at to figure out who won this thing so we need people to be on time.  Plus, while we're looking at photos we'll be handing out raffle prizes and feeding you thanks to Applegate Farms.