Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tunaskin Aquatic Apparel

The roster of amazing supporters we have for the 2013 DPC is mind-boggling!  I fished a saltwater tournament this winter and we were given Tunaskin Performance Shirts in our captain's bags.  I wasted no time covering up my pasty skin with what I consider the finest fishing shirt I have ever worn!  This shirt kept me cool, dry and completely protected from those narly UV rays in a fishery right smack next to the equator!  I'll never wear another performance fishing shirt and neither should you!
TUNASKIN was founded in 2010 by two aquatic sports enthusiasts based in Naples, FL. TUNASKIN is committed to being a leader in the aquatic sports industry providing apparel and specialized products that enhance, capture, and promote the lifestyle of avid aquatic sports enthusiasts.
What started out as an idea 30 miles off the Florida Keys has evolved into a company with a vision and purpose to provide a collection of products based on performance, function, and innovation
Please visit the Tunaskin website HERE