Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rules Update!

First off, a little less than two weeks after announcing this thing and we’re already up over 30 anglers!  Thanks for all the early support.  It is awesome to see all the returning anglers.  We’re looking forward to fishing with you all again this year, old and new.

Register your team for the 2014 DPC today!
One of the main things we've noticed year after year is that as more fish come in the photo-upload process at the BBQ is taking longer and longer.  Anglers catching too many fish is a nice problem to have, but Brendan doesn't want to spend all Sunday afternoon behind a computer while everyone else is BBQ’ing.   To help streamline the post-tourney scoring we are going to a 7 fish “bag” this year.  
Basically, we want you to document every fish, and then mark your top 7 fish (14 for team prizes) for us to score. 
Check out the rules page for full details, tie breakers, etc.  

Streamlining isn’t the only reason we think this is a good idea...

1.       Fun - With a 7 fish bag everyone is in the tourney for both days.  You can wake up on Sunday morning after getting skunked on Saturday and still have a chance to win the thing.

2.       Strategy - go out there and get your first seven fish and then start figuring out how to find the big boys and girls.

3.       Leveled playing field - The area around Missisquoi Bay is tailor-made for kayak and canoe anglers, but that doesn't change the fact that those boats aren’t as mobile as a Skeeter with a 150hp on the back.  A 7 fish bag takes the edge away from those that can bomb around watching the fish finder.  There aren’t many places on Champlain that you can park a boat and not have 7 good bass within casting range.

That’s enough of the logistics for now.  Long winter is ending, get out there and test out those cabin fever flies!