Thursday, June 25, 2015

Licensing, Laws & Weather

Anglers with motor boats...
If you're traveling from a distance or even from close by, make sure that boat trailer is all set to go!...greased wheel bearings, tire pressure, lights, hitch, etc.
Also, help keep our lake clean and wash your boat and trailer thoroughly to keep the invasive stuff out!
There is a coast guard and state police presence on the lake. If you are stopped by law enforcement, they will ask you for...boaters card (if applicable), life preservers, throw cushion, registration, fishing license, fire extinguisher and working lights if you are out at dark.
We've had a very rainy season, so be smart and keep an eye out for debris when you are running around the lake!
Familiarize yourself with Vermont's BOATING LAWS !

Please keep in mind that we have had plenty of rain and our major river like the Missisquoi have been very high and dirty. If you have plans to fish the river up to the dam, it'd be smart to have some alternative options. Keep an eye on the USGS Gauge so you have an idea what to expect

The weather looks like a completely mixed bag at this point. Saturday's looking good through about early evening but, from there on, it could get pretty wet. Just make sure to be ready for anything and remember, lightning can travel over 50 miles so don't mess with it!
Our BBQ will be inside and we have plenty of room, so you'll stay dry while you fill your bellies and win prizes!