Friday, June 22, 2018


Here we go on another journey around Lake Champlain. We have been busy at DPCHQ and rather quite but now please stay tuned for updates and information.  We will probably add to this list as important info comes to mind.

-Do you know someone who could not attend and would enjoy a Predator Fly Gear DPC shirt?  Well we will have some shirts for sale at the event if anyone is interested.  

-Please obey all closures for wildlife on the lake.  We will be posting a map of Missisquoi Bay to help everyone understand where these areas are. We will also have veiwing maps at check in.

-Emptying your device of irrelevant photos is always helpful for our scoring team.  While Aunt Judy's wedding was proly a blast, we don't want to see the pics! Also, BE SURE TO BRING ANY CORDS NEEDED TO TRANSFER PICS FROM YOUR DEVICE.