2014 DPC

2014 DPC Champ, John Cooper (Team Imbassiles), posing with the 19.75" smallmouth that won him the Big Pickle Pool
I can't believe after all the planning, stress and finger-crossing, the 2014 DPC is finally in the history books.  This year's event was bigger and better than ever, with 115 anglers spread among 51 teams competing for over $6,000 in cash and prizes!  
Roland cranking out the grillables
It's crazy to think how far we've come since our first Pickle back in 2010!  For many of us, the DPC is like a major holiday that we count the days to.  This year's event drew anglers from as far away as South Carolina and others that came from different points around New England to take part in one of the best weekends of the year!  
The DPC is a competition, but it hardly feels like one.  We really like to think of it as a "FunRaiser" that gets great people together for great fishing adventures.  The weekend always produces some incredible stories, great photos and some serious laughs.  
Jeff Dybinski of "Gyros & Perogies" puttin' one in the boat
Everyone that takes part in the Pickle should be proud of themselves for showing the competitive angling world that you don't need displace hundreds of fish in order to hold a successful tournament.  At the DPC, all fish caught are measured, photographed and released in the same spot they were caught.  That equates to close to zero fish mortality, happier fish and better fishing.  The Ditch Pickle Classic sets the stage for the future of ethical competitive angling and we are always working on ideas for further improving this already amazing event.
We couldn't pull this thing off without our amazing sponsors that have recognized the value in supporting this unique event.  Be sure to show your support to those that support the Pickle.  Show the love to Applegate Farms, Jackson Kayaks, Escape Studios, Rock River Rods, Green Mountain Troutfitters, Werner Paddles, The Alchemist Brewery, Orvis, Deer Creek, Redington, Whistle Pig Whiskey, Super Fly, Bending Branches, Tunaskin, Cheeky, Howler Bros, Mountain Khakis, Stream & Brook Fly Fishing, Vermont Fly Guys, Vermont Trout Waters, Amber Ridge Maple & Berkshire Outfitters.
Chris Gagne from "Bassholes" rockin' his new custom DPC Tunaskin
This year we wanted everyone to have plenty to eat, so we rallied the help of my wife Denise and Mike's wife Antonia to make food for the BBQ.  These girls went above and beyond, making everything from scratch, and plenty of it!  Combine that with our man Roland on the grill and you had a killer combination for stuffing your faces!
We also put more planning into our computer scoring this year and I think it really showed.  Thanks to Dave Underwood, Andy White and Brendan Hare for absolutely killing it on the tech side of things!
We'd like to see this event continue to grow and we will work very hard to keep it running seamlessly.  As always, send us your comments HERE if you'd like to give feedback or complain about something you didn't like.
Mark your calendars for June 27th - 28th, 2015!

See you on the water--------------------------<"(((((><

                                                                                     Pickle Crew,

 Chris Lynch, Brendan Hare, Mike Kontos, Brian Price

Feeding the masses



2014 Winners Circle

1st Place Team = Imbassiles (Jeff Faulkner/John Cooper)
2nd Place team = Madame Oars Gentleman (Jamie Lament/Carter Glass)
3rd Place Team = Basscar (Brendan Hare/Tom Getz/Matt Cain)
1st Place Angler = John Cooper
2nd Place Angler = Jeff Faulkner
3rd Place Angler = Tom Getz
Largest Bass = John Cooper (19.75" Smallie)
Smallest Bass = Reed Kennedy (3" smallie)
Paddle Division = Lorenzo LaBrusciano
Biggest Northern Pike = Ken Capsey (36" Northern)
Best Exotic Fish = Kevin Favreau (30" Musky)

See you in 2015!

We're growing fast!....


Check Back Frequently for new Team Additions & Updates!

We're very excited to announce the 2014 Ditch Pickle Classic "Catch-Photo-Release" Fly Fishing Tournament on Lake Champlain!

The 2014 DPC based out of Swanton, Vermont will be held on June 28-29th on beautiful Lake Champlain.  The DPC is open to anglers of all ages and skill levels.

You don't need a big fancy bass boat to fish the DPC either! Kayaks, canoes and motor boats are permitted. The DPC is a team event and we make every effort to pair people up with team mates and fill empty seats in boats. 
Each team will have 2 anglers and if you want to be a 1-man team, you will be responsible for the team entry fee of $80. If you are your own 1-man team, you must still have a co-rider to assist with photographic documentation of your catch! We're allowing more than 1 team to fish from a boat as long as it's within reason.

Spectators may ride along or pilot a boat for a team.

Don't be scared off if you don't have a boat! If you have a strong desire to fish in the DPC but have any apprehension what-so-ever, please send us an email to DitchPickleClassic@gmail.com or call 802-644-2214 and we'll do whatever we can to make it happen for you! The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can get you set up!


2014 Prize Categories...
Roland Tremble (2012 DPC Champ)

- 1st Place Team
- 2nd Place Team
- 3rd Place Team
- 1st Place Individual
- 2nd Place Individual
- 3rd Place Individual

- 1st Place Paddler
- Largest Northern Pike
- Best Exotic Fish (Bowfin, Gar, Carp)
- Dink Award (Smallest Bass)
*Big Pickle (Largest Bass)
* Seperate Pool


Tournament Weekend... 
On Saturday the 28th, we will have our check-in at the Headquarters for the Missisquoi Wildlife Refuge on Tabor Road. Click HERE for directions and info about the site.
We hold the post-tournament BBQ on Sunday 6/29 at the Refuge Headquarters.  The official tournament "Weigh-in/Awards Ceremony" will take place during the BBQ, so all entrants and spectators are strongly encouraged to attend!  There is no charge to attend the BBQ and we'll do our best to make sure you don't leave hungry! 

We will be open for check-in as of 9am on the 28th

The headquarters has plenty of parking for boats/trailers, and it is very close to our designated launch at the Larry Greene Access.

The Larry Greene Access is located on Rte. 78 and directions can be found HERE.

We encourage all competitors to arrive early for check-in. We will have some basic items for sale such as flies, leaders, tippets, etc. 

Every angler must check-in and sign a waiver prior to launching!


The Goods... 

For the 2014 DPC, thanks to a partnership with our good friends at Tunaskin Aquatic Apparel, each angler participating in the event will receive a Tunaskin Performance Longsleeve Shirt as part of their entry!  That's a $35 shirt for a $40 entry!

We're also supplying each team with a captain's bag, filled with an assortment of products from the many other generous sponsors of the Ditch Pickle Classic!  


The DPC Experience...
The Pickle has become a highlight of the season for many.  We expanded the event to a 2-day format to make room for more quality fishing and more time hangin' with buddies, soaking in the Lake Champlain vibes.  Take the DPC too seriously and you might miss the point, which is to have fun.  Don't come the the DPC for the win...come for the experience.  


2014 Team Listings...as they roll in...check back frequently...

1. Will Strip For Bass
Dillon Brooker
Dan Russell

2. Madame Oar's Gentleman
Jamie Lament
Carter Glass
Brady Zelenka

3. Bassholes

Kevin Ramirez
Chris Gagne

4. Swift Kick in the Bass

Dan Gates
Graig Smith

5. Bucket Mouth Brigade

Andrew Costagliola
Dave Aronson
Phillip Joyce

6. Carpe Carpium

Jay Modry
Matt Dickstein

7. Hope on the Rise

Mary Ward
Susan Bulmer

8. Two Fly Basstards

Andrew Volansky
Ken Jennings

9. Hey, is that a Gerbil in your Bass?

Pat Cohen
Dan Lomanto

10. Kosher Dills

Dan Dziedzic
John Dziedzic

11. Beers, Bass & Alimony Checks

Chris Bernier
Mike Hill
John Gamble

12. O.G.R. (Old Guys Rule)

Steve Dobrin
Roland Tremble

13. Abercrombie & Fish

Jack Rybczyk
Lorenzo LaBrusciano

14. Did You Just Grab My Bass?

John Birkheimer
Denver Wilson

15. Ol' Dirty Basstards

Kevin Sorin
Mitch Kotok

16. Those Guys

Ryan Beaulieu
Blake hackerson

17. Pad Crashers

Dave Washburn
Austin Harris

18. Chubby Chasers

Tim Birmingham
Scott Edwards

19. Once Bitten, My Bass

Brian Lang
Shreve Soule

20. Bass To Mouth

Mike Terrien
Zach Rabideau

21. Basscar

Brendan Hare
Matt Cain
Tom Getz

22. Imbassiles

Jeff Faulkner
John Cooper

23. Team Ramrod

Syd Marsh
Tommy Baranowski
Dave Underwood

24. Bassackwards

Jake Borgeson
Patrick Sharrow

25. Gyros & Perogies

Mike Kontos
Jeff Dybinski

26. Team #26
Brendan Barden
Shawn Ricker

27. Caught Smokin' Bass
Chris Samson
Aaron Girgenti
Chris Samson Sr.

28. The Pissah Bruthas
Ben Clarkin
Josh Clarkin

29. Team Sally
Kevin Welch
Dalton Harben

30. Go Bass or Go Home
Steve Stanley
Jonathan DeBono

31. Swedish Pimples
Tim Davis
Jim Anderson

32. McWildWildWest
Janie McKenzie
Gary West

33. Weapons Of Bass Destruction
Brian Riopelle
Dustin Fleming

34. Captain Crusty and the Soggy Bottom Boys
Barry Parker
Mike Hulvey

35. Green Bay Bass Packers
Ben Wilcox
Mike Woulf
Daryl Woulf

36. Face Down, Bass Up
Joe White
Andy Masenas

37. Bass Assassins
Mark Collins
Evan Collins

38. ?
Pat Berry
Nate Merrill

39. Bassman & Robin
Ken Capsey
Kevin Favreau

40. Slab Slayers
Brian Cadoret
Nick Mayer

41. Tres Bass-Holes
Peter Kutzer
Sam Wyman
Tyler Atkins

42. 99 Problems But A Bass Ain't One
Reed Kennedy
Jeremy Kehrein
Phil Bibens

43. Cheerful Charlies
Henry Rackliff
Matt Rackliff

44. Loose Lips & Gaping Bass
Brian Price
Chad Johnson
Kim Bryant

45. Happy Hookers
Chris Baker
Marty Bowers

46. Bassitracin
Chris Lynch
Kevin Sorin

47. Currently Nameless
Alex MacDonald
Arne McKinley

48. Hammer Swingers
Nate Moreau
Caleb Howard

49. Bass, Gas or Grass
Todd Carroll
Scott Joslin
John Pollock

50. Just The Tippet
Adam Kornuth
Shea Shaughnessy
Jamison Haskins

51. Deadliest Catch Without the Crabs
Jon Ams
Andrew Pierce