Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lake Clean-up

Its no surprise the condition in which our local recreational lake access areas are in right now. The flooding has brought in a tremendous amount debris to our shores and boat launches. I'm  pretty sure that the boat launches are on the bottom of the states list right now to clean-up. So I decided to head out to my local launch area and do my part.

I packed up some tools I thought would be useful and the jet sled used for hauling.

This is what I set out to conquer
 Upon arrival, the putrid stink of rotting fish and decomposing lake smegma permeated the humid air and I began questioning my intent. I started digging through the debris dodging the festering bullhead carcasses littered everywhere; pulling out everything I could by hand  followed with the rake. As my rake overturned the debris, I found lake plant life sprouting amidst the debacle. Enough to give me hope and continue on this quest. Chainsawing logs to manageable sizes and hooking the larger logs to the truck and dragging them out. I began making a burn pile since I have no idea how this will be handled otherwise.

Three hours of this and 90+ degrees, I was done. I was beginning to be able to taste the grodie stank in my mouth and knew it was time to continue another day. I was happy to see passerbys thanking me and telling me how good of a job I was doing.So there are people that appreciate this! Yesss! I'm not done yet, but it wont be long before a boat can be launched here

Huge improvement and the secret DPC stealth launch point..Shhhhhh..
If anyone else wants to do a launch cleanup and needs help, just let me know. Lets all do our part!