Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sponsor Donations

I want to send out all our thanks and appreciation to all of our sponsors, giving kudos to all that are here to support our tournament and our mission. It has been  a tough year for our country and to see that we still have support from so many companies and individuals means a lot. We all need to send our thanks to every one of them. I will keep everyone informed on what your all gunning for as we receive them.

Chris Sampson a.k.a. "Samps", is an avid fisherman and has recently converted completely to become a sickened hardcore fly fisherman like the rest of us. All say prayer...amen... He is the Merchandise Manager at Berkshire Outfitters in Mass. He has boasted that word of our fly fishing antics has spread down to  northern Massachusetts, where the DPC and the originators have become "Legends" in those parts. Well, I don't know about legends, but its pretty cool to think that people have recognized what we have accomplished as a small organization. Chris is a humble man and passionate about fly fishing. And to show his support, he and the team at Berkshire Outfitters has made a generous  contribution for prizes to support  DPC. Give big Thanks to Berkshire Outfitters and Samps y'all. >((((*>_-_-Brian

Fort those unfamiliar, KAVU (Klear, Above, Visibility, Unlimited) knows how to make a hat built for the water. Black under side for glare and a floating bill. Pretty much a "duh" when it comes to a hat built for the water. Berkshire Outfitters has given us both a visor and a traditional synthetic strap cap from the KAVU line. Also in the mix, is the good ol' Buff­® . If you don't own one of these yet, your missing the boat and will be paying for it later. These things are awesome! Still going here; a Black Diamond Gizmo headlamp  has been thrown in by the team at Berkshire Out fitters as well. I don't think I need to go into detail about a headlamp, because we all need one.