Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Toon for This Year's Set List

As I write this post, I believe we have around 15 teams officially registered so far for this year's DPC on July 16th, 2011!  That's pretty amazing considering last year's turnout of arounf 15 people!  It doesn't look like it's gonna stop there either since we have had numerous inquiries from possible entrants that wanna fish and are just looking for a team-mate or trying to think of a clever name for their team. 
Anyway, we new this year's event was going to see a decent turnout, so Mike and I ( put our heads together and discussed what we could offer the winning individual of the 2011 DPC as a supplement to getting their name on the trophy. 
Here's what we came up with...

Classic Accessories "Cimarron" 8' Pontoon Boat
These boats are lightweight, easy to row and get you to the goods effortlessly!  We've used these things to float our favorite rivers and paddle some smaller ponds and lakes.  This boat's gonna go to the lucky angler that tallies up the most bass points, so don't go gettin' lazy out there!

- Chris