Wednesday, June 25, 2014

If it doesn't eat other fish you probably don't want to chase it over the weekend

Couple predator related donations to tell you all about today.

Pat Cohen (reigning Big Pickle winner) has donated a set up creature bodies which you can check out at Good thinking on his part not giving them away with enough time for you to tie up something awesome to fish during the pickle!

Probably going to need something to cast those bodies. How about a Redington Predator? We've got one of those too.

Not to late to sign up and fish this thing!

The golden rule of the DPC!
One fly, with one hook, at the end of a fly line, cast by a fly rod.  Two lines in the water max from each boat at any time.

Last post we told you about 6/28 pre-tourney check-in.  How about 6/29 post tourney check-in?

The tournament will take place between the hours of 12pm-9pm on 6/28 and 5am-12pm on 6/29.  This means you must be back at the refuge by 12pm on 6/29.  No fishing between 9pm on 6/28 and 5:00am on 6/29 is permitted. 

*** Failing to arrive at the refuge headquarters and check in at 12pm on 6/29 will result in penalties***

You will not be considered to have checked in until you have handed your Pickle Stick to Mike at the refuge
Late penalties will be assessed as point subtractions up to disqualification from the tournament

Late Check in penalties (all penalties include Big Pickle Pool DQ)
12:01pm-12:30pm = 5 points
12:31pm-1pm = 10 points
1pm – end = Disqualification