Saturday, May 1, 2021

2021 DPC

 Welcome to the 2021 Ditch Pickle Classic! We are excited to once again ply the waters of Lake Champlain with anglers from the Northeast and beyond.  Last year, due to restrictions, we were unable to hold our awards ceremony in person.  Tentatively, we plan on holding in person awards at the Campbell barn as we have years prior. Catering is still being considered as state guidance unfolds and we hope to feed hungry anglers as they tell fishing tales from the weekend. Stay tuned on that front.
2020 Champ Ralph Kucharek hoists the grail with Lake Champlain in the background.
Ralph and his teammate Nathan Thurbur of team (Master Bass Anglers) also took home the top team of 2020 with 21 points!


#1. "BassKing in the Sun"
Brian Lang
Shreve Soule

#2. "Big Pappa Dill & My Lil Gherkin"
John Dziedzic
Maya Dziedzic

#3. "Hoggers"
Adam Mapes
Logan Mapes

#4. "Sobu Strippers"
Kristen Donnelly
Christopher Donnelly

#5. "Masshole Fly Guys"
Bennett Chadbourne
Kyle Forest

#6. "Bad Monkey"
Jay Modry
Matt Dickstein

#7. "Flyaholics"
Nick Citro
Mike Fernandez

#8. "Shaw's Law"
Jared Shaw
Tim Shaw

#9. "Is it Next Years Pickle Yet?"
John Gamble
Mario Gagliardi

#10. "BasstraZeneca"
Mike Kontos
James Kontos
Calvin Kontos

#11. "Bread N Buttah"
Ryan Fitzgerald
Kyle Travis

#12. "Bash Badge Plus"
Ben Wilcox
Mike Woulf

#13. "Triple Dutch Rudder"
Kevin Oxford
Paul Scaramucci
Gerry Nugent

#14. "Fish & Chips"
Chris Lynch
Noah Lynch
Quinn Lynch

#15. "Dirk Pickler"
Kevin Welch
Tony Lewis

#16. "You're Killing Me Smallies"
Dillon Brooker
Dan Rusell

#17. "It'd Be A Lot Cooler If You Did"
Scott Edwards
Tim Birmingham

#18. "Pickle My Bass"
Nick Chiarelli
Brendan Lanoue

#19. "Little Blue Pills"
Chris Bernier
Michael Hill

#20. "The Crispy Cannabastards"
Dave Aronson
Andrew Costagliola

#21. "One Fine Piece of Bass"
Brandon Weaver
John Bond

#22. "Fish Tank"
Adin Girard
David Girard
Joshua Girard

#23.  "Full Sink"
Evan Dickinson
Nate Dickinson

#24. "Go Bass or Go Home"
Bubba Stanley
Johnathan Debono

#25. "Mountain High Fly"
Jon Zukowski
C.J. Freeman

#26.  "Lay Down Sally"
Erik Hurley
John Hurley

#27. "Did We Charge the Battery?"
Nathan Scott
C.V. Howe

#28. "Team AJ"
Jay Seals
Andrew Fraser

#29.  "The Bill Pickles"
Mackenzie Cayer
Bill Sullivan
Maddy Zukowski

#30. "James Westfall and Doctor Kenneth Noisewater"
Henry Dowhan
Andy Conlan
Tom Dowhan

#31. "Basscar"
Brendan Hare
Tom Getz

#32. "Castaways"
Brian Zinger
John Synnott

#33. "Bass & Blunts"
Brian Cadoret
Willam Sylvester

#34. "SS Bass Nasties"
Matt Hart
Elton Bonneville

#35. "Old Dirty Basstards"
Dana Evans
Marc Guy

#36. "Fish Phood"
Brian Forest
Scanian Forest

#37. "Bassymtomatic"
Matt Cain
Kemener Whalen

#38. "Between Two Flies"
Andrew Mesenas
Sean Moriarty

#39. "Dad Take Me Fishing"
Chad Johnson
Chris Samson
Chris Samson Senior

#40. "Meat Slingers"
Max Hogg
Leo Nerbak

#41. "Bee Stings & Smelly Water"
Jon Lindeberg
Dave Underwood

#42. "High Life"
Matthew Rackliff
Randell Tucker

#43. "80 Grit Thumb"
Brenden Barden
Finn Barden

#44. "Hogan Bros"
Drew Hogan
Dan Hogan

#45. "Bionic Duck"
Shawn Ricker

#46. "Paradise"
Corey Barrows
Joe White