Saturday, May 1, 2021

2021 DPC

 Welcome to the 2021 Ditch Pickle Classic! We are excited to once again ply the waters of Lake Champlain with anglers from the Northeast and beyond.  Last year, due to restrictions, we were unable to hold our awards ceremony in person.  Tentatively, we plan on holding in person awards at the Campbell barn as we have years prior. Catering is still being considered as state guidance unfolds and we hope to feed hungry anglers as they tell fishing tales from the weekend. Stay tuned on that front.

2020 Champ Ralph Kucharek hoists the grail with Lake Champlain in the background.
Ralph and his teammate Nathan Thurbur of team (Master Bass Anglers) also took home the top team of 2020 with 21 points!

Last year the event was held in August as we adapted to the ever changing times.  We couldn't be more happy to return to our regularly scheduled programing and be fishing in late June. All we need is you so, tell your friends, tune up the boat, think of some edgy team names and let's go!

Registration is shorter this year so sign up as soon as possible to be guaranteed a tournament shirt.

Click the green angler registration button to your left to register or follow this link to our the registration form.  

**Note that your team will not appear on the roster until all team members have registered. Shoot an email to if you need to contact us** 

Payment links will appear after you click SUBMIT on the form, but if you miss them, we've added them below. 

Adult Payment Link: $50 Adult Registration
Junior Payment Link: $25 Junior Registration


#1. "BassKing in the Sun"
Brian Lang
Shreve Soule

#2. "Big Pappa Dill & My Lil Gherkin"
John Dziedzic
Maya Dziedzic

#3. "Hoggers"
Adam Mapes
Logan Mapes

#4. "Sobu Strippers"
Kristen Donnelly
Christopher Donnelly

#5. "Masshole Fly Guys"
Bennett Chadbourne
Kyle Forest

#6. "Bad Monkey"
Jay Modry
Matt Dickstein

#7. "Flyaholics"
Nick Citro
Mike Fernandez

#8. "Shaw's Law"
Jared Shaw
Tim Shaw

#9. "Is it Next Years Pickle Yet?"
John Gamble
Mario Gagliardi